Cholesterol, and how to lower yours..

June 12, 2015

Why bother?


Heart disease is the number one killer in Australia. It is mainly caused by clogging up of the arteries by a fatty substance known as atheroma, which comes from having too much ‘fat’ in the blood.  This serious process is called atherosclerosis- the condition that can lead to heart attack or stroke.  There are two types of fat that cause damage if there levels are too high- cholesterol and triglyceride. A special blood text taken after fasting for at least 12 hours can tell if one or both of these fats are too high.


Some golden rules to lower your cholesterol are:


Keep to your ideal weight

Take a high fibre diet

Eat fish at least twice a week

Beware of fast foods

Avoid deep fried foods

Take regular exercise

Avoid fat on meat

Avoid snacking on junk between main meals

Drink more water

Do no smoke

Limit alcohol intake

Limit cheese and ice cream intake


Keep your body healthy, inside and out!




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