Does sitting down all day undo the benefit of my morning workout?

July 5, 2015

Yes, a sedentary lifestyle can inch you closer to six feet under. But the good news is that, when it comes to gaining muscle, a 6-7 hour rest period (though your boss would rather you call it work) after a session is a good thing. Multi-joint exercises require longer recovery times than smaller moves, says exercise scientist Jonathan Mike, which means an hour spent on deadlifts and squats before 9am can turn the negative effects of sitting into a plus. To ensure your gains aren't squashed when you sit, do resistance moves at 65 per cent of your 10-rep max, keeping reps as slow as possible. All in a day's work.




Your gains may be covered by your morning workout, but your metabolism can still slow. Keep your furnance firing from nine to five.


SPEED UP: By increasing your walking speed by just 3.5km/h on the way to work, you can burn an extra 210 kilojules a day, they Mayo Clinic says. That'll buy you an extra rasher of bacon. 


BE NEAT:  Non-excercise activity thermogenesis all of the small movements you do without realising (fidgeting, for example).  It can treble your kilojule burn per minute.


GO RAW: Stick sashimi on your lunch menu.  Raw fish has a highly thermal effect, the university of Milan says, so your body uses more energy trying to digest it.





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