Do you love your apps? Here are my top 6!

August 3, 2015

Hi fit fam! 


This week, I wanted to share with you my 6 favourite apps for my smart phone that help me throughout my busy weeks.  There is an app for just about everything these days but to avoid cluttering your phone full of useless apps here are some that are sure to improve your life. 


1. My fitness Pal- This is the best kilojule cruncher out there. You can scan food wrappers and set weight loss goals.  There are no extra in-app fees!


 2.  Sleep Better- Groggy in the morning? Sleep on it- your phone that is. This sleep tracker uses movement to graph your sleep cycles, waking you with a soothing smart alarm at your lightest slumber. 



3.  Waze- This Sat nav lets drivers share real tim data about tailbacks, accidents and police traps. Google have just purchased it for 1.3 billion dollars. It will get you to your destination in half the time!



4.  Human- Thirty minutes, thats the minimum daily dose of activity you need to stay healthy.  And its what this app measures.  Whether walking, running or dancing in a club.  


5. Skyscaner-  Book the best flights and the cheapest! You can book mark flights and get the daily updates to catch them at their lowest mid-week prices. 



6.  Fitness Buddy- Ever get stuck in the gym on what excercise to do? This app is the saviour.  Choose the muscle group your training and there it is, a complete list of different excercises you can do! 





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