How to have a REALLY productive week!

Do you want to have a really productive week? Sign up some new clients, win the contract or perhaps impress your boss ?!

Its amazing what you get done when you look back on the previous week! One thing is certain, it doesn't really matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or self-employed. Developing sound habits will help you in all aspects of your business life.

Check out some of the habits that i have learnt from those who have been there and done that. Some are common knowledge, but we still don't do them. 

1. Create a to-do list for the next day already the night before, and then prioritize your to do list first thing in the morning. This will give you structure

2. Tackle the hardest task first in the day, since everything else will feel easy after that. This will give you confidence for the day

3. Always keep your end goal in mind and evaluate if a decision fit your goal or take you in the wrong direction. Keep yourself on that winning path

4. Stop negative thinking. It gets in the way of success

5. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and ask for feedback from your colleagues. Then process both positive and negative feedback constructively. Learn to know the difference.

6. Be results-focused.

7. In most cases you benefit from sticking with your decisions since constant course changes makes the road much, much longer. 

8. Dont give up. If you know something will work. Stick with it. Never take no for an answer.

Remember though, changing habits take time - maybe print out this list and put it up on the wall next to your desk. See what happens to your efficiency!




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