The Cindy Workout- Great to do at home!

May 23, 2016

When people think of Crossfit they think of athletes flipping tires and lifting crazy weights. This can be true in some instances but not always.


Cross fitters take part in all types of physical activity including body-weight movements like pull ups and push ups.


Today I want to introduce a body-weight workout from the Crossfit world that will test both your strength and stamina. These three moves are key to transforming your bodyand building a solid foundation. 


This WOD is called CINDY.

For those new to Crossfit, lets briefly go over two terms that are frequently used. First WODstands for “Workout of the day.” Second AMRAP stands for “As many rounds as possible.”


When you start Crossfit you will quickly realize that there are many more phrases and acronyms to learn. Do not worry, I will not bore you with all of them today.


Now that you understand some of the terminology let’s go over the Cindy WOD.


Background of Cindy

Cindy is considered one of the many Crossfit “Girl” wods, because of the name not because it was meant for women. Trust me this WOD is not to be taken lightly.

Cindy is also one of many benchmark girl wods.

What Does That Mean?

The girls of crossfit are considered benchmark wods because that is how crossfitters compare themselves to each other. The movements, weights and times are all standard based on gender for each girl wod so everyone is doing the same workout.

Cindy is a great beginner WOD because of the type of movements required to complete it. As you can see from my lovely drawing above (those are some good-looking stick figures), the movements in Cindy are all body weight.

Focusing on body-weight movements first allows you to learn proper form before moving onto actual weights.

The Cindy WOD

Cindy is a 20 minute AMRAP of pull ups, push ups and squats.


  • 5 pull ups

  • 10 push ups

  • 15 squats

*20 min. AMRAP

Below is a video and the link that breaks down how to do each of the movements.




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