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Boost your performance!


For those who work 9-5 in the daily grind of corporate life, sitting at a desk most of the day can have detrimental effects. Studies have shown employee's who frequently get up from the work station and get some fresh air and some excercise perform far better than those who choose to stay put all day.


Body Skin Soul specialises in corporate training and we are available to bring all the necessary equipment to your workplace or nearby park to get your employees out of the office and into some fresh air and excercise.  The benefits are truly amazing. Some common benefits from corporate group training include:


Increase in productivity

Increase in team morale of the work team

Mental health improvements

Reduced absenteeism in the workplace

and many more.. 


Please get in touch with Chris, owner and head trainer at Body Skin Soul to organise a group session for your corporate team.  Sessions are available in the morning before work, lunchtime sessions or after work.

We look forward to helping your employees and in turn your buisness!

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