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1 on 1, couples & small group training


We will help you reach your full potential & we look forward to helping you smash your goals!

ABOUT bodyskinsoul

Welcome to Body Skin Soul!  We have a team of 5 trainers to choose from & our private studio is located at 132 Regent Street Redfern.  Our trainers are experts in the industry and Bodyskinsoul has been operational for 12 years. We aim to help each and every client achieve their fitness goals, no matter what your goal is!  Its a known fact that when we look good, we feel good aswell! If your after personalised service with nothing but good vibes please come into our studio and let us help you achieve your goals!

meet the team

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Chris Robinson | OWNER 

My name is Chris Robinson and I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years now.  The difference between Body Skin Soul and other training facilities is our attention to detail with each and every client.  Once you become a client of ours we make it our top priority to make you feel and look amazing! We offer both indoor studio and mobile personal training.  "I am a big believer in the amount of energy you put in, the more you will get back.  Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is also the basis of maintaining a healthy mind.  I like to make my training sessions fun, stimulating and enjoyable.  Through Dieting and my personalized training sessions, I deliver programs that are unique to needs and wants of my clients".​      

max barker

My name is Max Barker & I bring to the table a wide variety of skills including; functional training, injury prevention, weight lifting and weightloss fitness training.  I have a true passion for fitness and I have made it my passion to pass this onto my clients and I love to motivate people to be the best version of themselves. My sessions are fun, challenging and rewarding. I have a proven track record of results and I look forward to helping you kick some goals!

wilson Luiz

My name is Wilson Luiz and I specialise in weightloss, strength and conditioning. I arrived in Sydney from Brazil and I bring to the table a wide range of skill sets that see's me working with a wide variety of clientele. I specially love outdoor training and I would love to help you achieve your goals! 


I have participated in a variety of individual and team sports my whole life and have formed a very strong passion for fitness, nutrition and helping others achieve their goals. I have a holistic outlook on training and the human body. I am a firm believer of incorporating a variety of exercises to avoid overtraining and maintaining enjoyment and variation in training for longevity. I have experience working in a corporate environment and understand how little time is available for exercise each day for busy individuals which is why I tailor my sessions and programming around your lifestyle.

MAE saffron

Mae has developed a deep knowledge of the body & experience during the last 10 years working as a Personal Trainer and as Therapist. Those years as a personal trainer and now as a therapist gave to her the opportunity to work with many people of all ages and walks of life. She uses this winner combination of knowledge, between fitness & massage, to assess & improve the function & quality of life of all of her clients.


Mehdi mandi

I am a certified fitness instructor as well as boxing and kick boxing instructor. I have a passion for fitness and healthy living and I love to help all my clients be the best version of themselves! 

I would love to help you smash your goals! 

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30 MINS - $55

45 MINS - $82.50

1 HOUR - $99

*Prices are inclusive of gst




30 MINS - $89

45 MINS - $110

1 HOUR - $129

*(You + 1)

*Prices are inclusive of gst




30 MINS - $55

45 MINS - $82.50

1 HOUR - $99

*Prices are inclusive of gst




30 MINS - $99

45 MINS - $120

1 HOUR - $189

*Prices are inclusive of gst




30 MINS - $79

45 MINS - $99

1 HOUR - $129

*Prices are inclusive of gst


Thank you Chris for all your hard work, dedication and motivation you have given to help me get to my initial goals… your approach and knowledge of not only exercise but diet and lifestyle are easy to follow, fun, engaging and really work. You make it a pleasure to get out of bed at 5.30am!! 


I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for not only a trainer but someone to support and motivate them to attaining their goals what ever they may be.  Im looking forward to reaching the next set of goals and beyond.


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